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Imagine More

Can you imagine your life 5 years from now? Do you even try to do so? Sometimes, because of disappointments and what we perceive as ‘failures’ in our life, we are afraid to dream again.

We adjust our goals downward and convince ourselves that we are being more realistic. We stop taking time to dream and imagine. Blindly go through the motions of living life day to day.

It’s very important to imagine more. We create our own reality starting with what we think, what pictures we hold in our mind and what actions we consciously and unconsciously take on a daily basis.

Your Mindset and Belief System

I find it very interesting that there isn’t a formal qualification one can pursue that focuses on mindset-development and control. No matter what your profession, the thing that decides success or failure is your mindset and belief system. Attitude is part of it; in fact, attitude is the end result of controlling your mindset. We’ve all heard sayings like “maintain a positive attitude,” and “attitude determines your altitude.” Most of the time though we’re on auto-pilot and aren’t even aware of our attitude. In fact, our attitude is often controlled by outside forces and that’s a very big problem. Let’s examine the process in detail.

It all starts with our thoughts. “Your thoughts control your world.” “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Why is this? Thoughts are energy. Energy has a vibration. Positive thoughts have a high energy frequency vibration and negative thoughts have a low energy frequency vibration. Positive thoughts feel good and negative thoughts feel bad. An example: When you feel nervous or scared, you feel it in your stomach. That is, your fear has a physical outcome. Our feelings also determine our reality in our external world. We need to consciously control our thoughts, which in turn determine our feelings, otherwise we’re in trouble. Why do I say that?

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the default feeling-state is destructive. Listen to the news on the radio or TV. What is the focus? Negative events. How does the news make you feel? Irritable, fearful, annoyed, frustrated? When you drive around in the traffic, how does the congestion, faulty traffic lights, rude taxi-drivers and dangerous potholes make you feel? When you consider your financial status, how does that make you feel? When you’re out grocery shopping in a busy and crowded store, do the people around you all look extremely happy and relaxed or do they look stressed and rushed?

The truth is we’re bombarded by negativity most of the time. Interestingly, the type of activity also matters because if someone is shopping for a new car, they will probably feel excited and will not be rushing.

Your Feelings are Crucial

So, how do you really feel right now? Is it easy for you to determine how you’re feeling, or is this a strange exercise for you? The reality is we’re not taught to be introspective so we’re usually unaware of how we’re feeling. We just go about our daily chores and hope things will get better sometime in the future. Here’s the kicker! How you’re feeling now is determining your future.

We all understand basically how a radio works. We need to tune into radio 702 we’ll get what’s broadcast on that frequency. We won’t get the 94.7 broadcast as long as our radio is tuned to 702. Our thoughts are vibrations of energy. Have you ever been thinking about something and consciously and unconsciously someone close to you starts talking about the exact thing you were thinking about? Or you think “I should really call my mom” and seconds later your phone rings and it’s your mother! Co-incidence? No, definitely not.

Your thoughts vibrate and radiate out into the surrounding ether. And your thoughts attract similar thoughts and ideas to you.

Have you ever considered how you came to believe what you believe? Beliefs are simply thoughts or ideas that have been repeated to you, or by you, over and over again. And your BELIEFS are your ‘radio broadcast and receiving frequency.’ What you believe is what you’ll get more of. If you believe that you’re attractive and have a pleasing personality consciously and unconsciously attractive people with pleasing personalities will be drawn into your experience. If your belief is that it is difficult to lose weight consciously and unconsciously your experience will be that of difficulty losing weight. Get the idea?


I would like to encourage you to Imagine More. Take the time, at least once a day, to get quiet, breathe, and imagine your life as you would really like it to be. Don’t worry about how you will achieve the life of your dreams, just focus on the outcome you desire and try to imagine how you will feel once you have achieved those goals.

Imagine More. Imagine Better Health. Imagine Lifelong Wealth.

Do this consistently and things will start to change in your reality as soon as your feeling-state changes.
Opportunities will present themselves to you. You will feel better and better outcomes will be attracted into your life.

Explore this website and you will discover opportunities you can engage in that will give you a new lease on life.

I would love to hear your views, so please feel free to leave a comment or email me at: info@earn-money-online.org








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The Secret

Affiliate Business Opportunity Program

Your FAST-TRACK to Wealth

The secret to creating long-term passive income is to use leverage through a powerful business system referred to as affiliate marketing.

The word ‘affiliate’ can also mean partner, associate, colleague or member.

I personally prefer the term ‘partner’ because, to succeed in affiliate or referral marketing, one needs to truly partner with your team members.

An Affiliate Business Opportunity Program is one of the most powerful ways to create wealth in today’s business environment. There’s an expression – ‘no man is an island’ and this is so very true. To succeed, we all need other people. That’s just how it works on planet earth.

Other people, lots of them, are the key to you creating long-term leveraged income. Think of it this way. If you go out trying to find a thousand customers to buy your product, it’s going to take you a long time! If, however, you find two people to buy your product, and they then in turn find two people each to buy the same product (and you earn commission from those sales), and that process is repeated over and over again, it won’t take long at all to get a thousand people. That’s the key to creating long-term residual income.

The Zija Affiliate Business Opportunity Program is one of the most simple and most exciting programs in the world today. Visit this link to see why: Zija

Well ‘exciting’ is something you will have to experience for yourself of course and it is a subjective term. ‘Simple’ though, I can justify easily.

Regular Business verses Affiliate Marketing

If you were to go and start up your own company, you would need LOTS of money and other resources. You would probably need to rent premises. You would need to hire staff, purchase all sorts of equipment, inventory, desks, computers, telephone systems and on and on. Then you would also have your month to month overheads which could quickly lead to the demise of your business unless you reach a break-even point really fast.

In an affiliate business opportunity program on the other hand, quite the reverse is true. The company you represent takes care of the entire business overhead and all you have to worry about is marketing their products. You work from home and your only monthly business running costs are your Internet connection service and your phone! Low input costs with zero to low risk, and an incredibly high potential return.

Yes, I mentioned risk because there is some risk. You will need to invest your time and that could cost you if you don’t take a professional approach to your business.

Boost Your Success by Adopting a Professional Approach

So many people enter the network marketing or affiliate marketing sector and then treat their new project as a hobby. Those people usually end up failing to create a substantial, life-changing income stream. The people who work at learning and mastering the necessary skills – the ones who adopt a professional approach can create a money producing asset that changes their lives forever.

It’s also important to understand what leverage can do for you. Leveraged income basically means you earn money from the efforts of other people and, if you are professional and create a large duplicating team, you could end up earning from the efforts of thousands of other people. When you have money coming in ‘passively’ every month, you free up lots of time to do the things you love.

If all your income is generated by your efforts alone, you are at great risk because if you get sick or cannot work for any other reason, your income stream dries up. Even if you remain healthy and you can continue working till the day you die, you must accept that nothing will change for you. For you to experience a different reality, more abundance, more time freedom etc. you have to do something differently. Leveraged income is the answer for you.

You have to use a business system that will allow you to earn income even when you’re not working. Trading your time for money will not create wealth for you.

A Proven Success System

Zija International offers you a turn-key business system where you will enjoy the support of a very successful rock solid company. With their backing you can build your own organization, without the overheads, that will generate an income stream in perpetuity. Monthly cash flow that nobody can take away from you.

As an affiliate marketer with Zija International, you have the opportunity to earn income in multiple different ways.

The more effort you put in, the more leaders you develop in your team, the more incentives and bonuses kick in for you.

Take action today and create the change you deserve.

To get a detailed compensation plan document sent to you, simply email Steven at info@earn-money-online.org

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Also, go to these links to learn more:

Compensation Overview

Fast Start Bonuses

Team Commissions

Zija Rewards

Detailed Comp Plan Explanation


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Zija Opportunity – A Life Unlimited


If you’re looking for a long-term, rewarding and most enjoyable online business experience, the ‘Life Unlimited’ Zija Opportunity is for you.

A Proven, Turnkey Business Model

If you value building relationships then Relationship Marketing is for you. Another term more widely used is Network Marketing. Now, if you’ve had a poor experience in this industry before, don’t rush away from this page! There’s good news here. I’ve found the Zija Opportunity to be very different to any other I’ve tried over the last 25 years.

If you’ve failed before in MLM, it’s probably not your fault. There are a number of key elements that must be in place to ensure success and often one or two of these is missing. I’m going to cover these here so don’t give up on your dream of earning money online.

Sponsor Support and Mentorship

This is the main reason people don’t succeed at the level they desire in Network Marketing and that’s why I list this Key Element first. A sponsor (the person who introduces you) should see you as a future leader in his/her team. If this is not the case, your sponsor won’t invest the required time supporting you to ensure your success. This lack of ‘viewing a new partner as a future leader’ puzzles me because the only way to create long-term residual income in MLM is through building leaders in one’s team. My experience with the Zija Opportunity has been absolutely eye-opening. The upline support is incredible and, as a result, the number of successful leaders emerging every month is way above average.

I make a point of tracking every new personally sponsored partner (distributor) in my organization. If they put their faith and trust in me by becoming part of the Zija Opportunity and join my team, I commit to their success. There is a step by step process I take each new partner through which serves as a blueprint for success and duplicates extremely well.

Exciting, Effective and Unique Products


The company you represent must have products that cannot be purchased anywhere else – they have to be unique. This ensures that you get repeat orders which creates residual commissions for you. The products also need to be ‘exciting’ where possible, as in a skincare product by way of an example, where the user becomes emotionally attached to the product result. Zija have a ‘2 Minute Miracle Gel’ which works so quickly and so effectively that people become excited with the result. We all like to look our best, and younger right?

Then the products must be effective if they are health products. If the user does not feel healthier and more energized after using a nutritional product, they simply won’t buy it again. The Zija Opportunity comes with a huge range of awesome products that fill this requirement. My favorite is the mangosteen based XANGO juice which has over 75 health benefits and I simply can’t manage without my daily fix.

The Company

Be cautious of joining start-ups. The last thing you want is to put in months of hard work only to see the company go down the tubes. Ideally the company should be more than 5 years old so that they are well-established and have also ironed out all the early organizational issues. Check out the management and their track record. Due your homework, ask the right questions.

A long time before Zija became a household name, the founder had already established and run two multi-million dollar nutrition network marketing companies. When he started Zija International he surrounded himself with an impressive executive team – see here: Zija Executive Team

The Compensation Plan

It goes without saying that the earnings plan, most often referred to as a compensation plan, must be lucrative and fair.

The Zija Opportunity comes with a reward system that is the best I’ve seen in the industry. It contains many powerful incentives that offer a new distributor the opportunity to earn a decent income on the front end and also is structured to generously reward those who take on a leadership role and build large teams. This plan definitely offers the committed business builder the ability to create the ‘Life Unlimited’ – a life characterized by abundance and financial security.

The Compensation Plan includes:

  • Fast Start Commissions
  • Team Commissions
  • Leadership Check match Pools
  • A Team Benz Car Bonus
  • Diamond Leadership Pools
  • Travel Incentives

See here for more details: Opportunity

Please email me for more information at: info@earn-money-online.org

Dynamic Marketing Tools & Business Management System

Over the years I’ve seen so many ambitious people start out with an MLM company only to see their dreams fizzle out as they struggle to find and recruit people into their team. New customers and distributors are the lifeblood of this business.

The chances of success are increased a hundred fold if there are effective business systems in place. These include:

  1. Business Management System
  2. Marketing Website and Mobile APP
  3. Automated Prospecting and Follow-Up System
  4. Automated Training System
  5. Social Media Tools


There is much more to the exciting Zija Opportunity than what I have touched on here. The management team are first class, the upline leadership amongst the best in the world and the customer support staff are awesome.

I highly recommend this as an earn-money-online option as the initial startup is very low and the returns can be extremely lucrative if you’re prepared to follow the proven system they teach and you’re not scared of putting in some work.

Visit these links below for more insight and feel free to drop me an email at: info@earn-money-online.org

Zija Opportunity The SmartChoice

Zija 123


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About Me

Welcome to my site which is designed to help you earn money online and get more good quality recruits if you’re in MLM.

I’m committed to helping you discover a more professional and workable approach to finding income opportunities.

I’ve been in the Network Marketing industry for over 25 years. Like most other MLM distributors, I found that the biggest stumbling block to building massive leveraged income, was finding good quality business partners. Secondly, I discovered that most people then had the same challenge! And this was despite great company replicated marketing sites, recruiting tools etc.

I just LOVE both Affiliate and Network Marketing, and the personal development it forces upon those who are seriously committed to success. I also really enjoy helping others achieve at the highest levels.

I’m married with two lovely daughters and also two beautiful twin grand-daughters.

Creating a legacy is very important to me. I don’t just want to leave money to my family, I want to leave them a solid income stream and I’m doing this through my MLM and affiliate marketing businesses.


What goes around, comes around and if I help you succeed, I help the industry as a whole.

I’m helping my own business partners on a daily basis and it gives me a thrill to see their lives change as a result of what they learned from this site and then applied in their business


At 56 years of age I’ve come to realize that creating multiple streams of income is critical to one’s long-term financial stability.

By this I don’t mean that you should be in more than one MLM deal.

I do mean that you should ‘spread your risk’ and be open to other online income opportunities that have been proven to succeed and utilize the fastest trends. The Internet and online marketing is one of those trends.

This site will introduce you to systems that fit perfectly if you understand the power of the Internet.

I will teach you about effective MLM prospecting and you will learn about affiliate marketing too.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Steven Hinrichsen



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